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As the owner of any roof, you should know the importance of maintaining waterproofing systems. We get some pretty harsh weather in Lexington, Columbia, Charleston, Newberry and the surrounding Midlands area of SC. You need to be protected from storms, and the wear and tear from the sun’s heat that can work together to cause leaks and general damage. Water and moisture infiltration, which is often hard to trace, can permeate your structure and its contents wreaking havoc wherever it goes. Not only do our coatings reflect the harmful sun’s rays, they also decrease UV damage, color fading, and the chance of heat damage. Moreover, they increase the waterproof quality and the amount of elemental wear and tear that your roof can endure. We’ve reviewed thousands of system failures and we understand roofing systems and how they interface with the structure. At Mays Contracting, we know that being the best means also using the best products we can possibly offer you and therefore, for waterproofing products and systems, we use Acrylabs and HydroStop for their different applications.

Acrylabs is applied as a 100% acrylic elastomeric coating, an exceptionally durable, fluid-applied roofing system that we use for the industrial, commercial and construction industries. Their technologically advanced polymeric, seamless, fully adhered membrane is self-flashing and adheres to virtually all existing roof surfaces, including EPDM, Asphalt, and metal to provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient surface. When properly installed by our certified applicators, it will provide a 10-year warranty that will stave off even the harshest environments.

HydroStop is a water-based acrylic base coat that when used in conjunction with HydroStop PremiumCoat Finish Coat and PremiumCoat Fabric it creates the HydroStop PremiumCoat System that provides a 100% polyester reinforcement for penetrations. It easily conforms around existing leaks improving strength while maintaining flexibility. The Hydrostop product line represents a family of products that provide tested, trusted solutions that we turn to for all of our waterproofing project needs. Our certified applicators armed with HydroStop’s waterproofing solutions extend a 10-year warranty and it is even approved for historical districts. If you need your roof waterproofed, call our professionals at Mays Contracting today, because the expertise of a professional is irreplaceable, and the safety and stability of your structure is paramount!